Is TLN registered with a Tax-ID?

Tender Loving Nannies Inc. is registered and licensed in New York State as well as with the Internal Revenue Service. Our Tax-ID is available for any clients (upon request) that make payments directly to the agency. We follow strict guidelines of applicable laws and procedures in order to run an efficient agency.

What is the process for caregivers to become part of TLN?

Caregivers are required to fill out our employee application. Once our administration department receives the application, the applicant’s work history and references provided will be reviewed. Once the references have been reviewed and verified, we will then conduct a face-to face- interview. During the face-to-face interview, the applicant must bring the following documents:

  • Driver’s License, passport, and/or State I.D.

  • Up-to-date medical records (physical)

  • Valid Social Security cardShow proof of permit to work in the U.S. or citizenship

  • CPR and First Aid certificates

If the caregiver provides all documents required, an additional application must be filled out. These additional documents pertain to TLN policies and procedures. We then check their background, which includes National Criminal search, Federal Criminal search, National Sex offender search and SS# validation. Once the applicant’s background has been cleared we will send them to training for Child Abuse Prevention, Health and Safety and Infection control by the Center for Children’s Initiatives.

If I have a Permanent Nanny and it doesn’t seem to work out within my yearly contract. Will I be reimbursed or will TLN send replacement?

If the nanny does not work out within one year then we will replace the Nanny for you at no cost

How do I go about filing taxes with my permanent nanny?

We have a vendor that prepares taxes for only in-home services. If interested, we can refer you to our vendor to better assist with your payroll and tax deductions.ere, click edit button to change this text.

Please explain the process to hire a caregiver we have great interest in permanently?

You must first contact TLN with your interest in that particular caregiver. We will make sure that all the necessary documents are completed, reviewed and accurate before we change the caregiver status and contract to reflect permanent.

Can I cancel care at any time?

Yes, you can cancel care at any time without notice. However, if you cancel care after 5p.m before the scheduled care date then you will be charged a 4- hour minimum. This ensures security for the caregiver who could have been assigned to another case.

How soon can you staff emergency back-up care?

We staff emergency back-up care ASAP.

How do you obtain your nannies?

Most of our nannies are recruited by referrals from current and former nannies. Furthermore, because of our impeccable reputation many candidates hear about us by word of mouth; ready to apply for a position within our agency. We also are contracted with an external staffing agency recruit nannies throughout the tri-state area.

Do you have any training or support programs for your nannies?

Yes, we are affiliated with the Center for Children’s Initiatives where our caregivers go to receive training. At TLN, we also in turn give in-service. The caregivers get a refresher course and discuss any issues that may arise, so that they can continue to provide excellent care