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“Tender Loving Nannies Inc., is an agency dedicated to providing quality care services. Our nannies, newborn care specialists, and elderly companions are skilled and experienced professionals who are committed to establishing and maintaining up close and personal relationships while providing affordable and quality child care for all of our clients. You will feel a sense of security when you seek childcare services through Tender Loving Nannies Inc. because we focus on excellence, ensure high standards and create a comfortable environment for our clients and their families.”

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"What a magical time- when you bring a newborn home. Absolutely thrilling and exhilarating, but also absolutely exhausting. And whether you're a new parent or an old hand - handling a newborn also comes with a certain dose of uncertainty.
For our wonderful little Ella, we called Nana and the folks at Tender Loving Nannies. What a pleasure, and how grateful we were - and still are- that Nana came in, gently took charge without us even knowing it, and allowed a tired mom and dad to get a good night's sleep for a couple of weeks. Equally important, having Nana there was like having Google living in your home. Whatever questions we had, Nana had the answer. Have a newborn? Call Nana. That's what I tell my friends"

Nana was my twins' Newborn Care Specialist for 4 weeks. She came to us after we had endured a difficult pregnancy, a move to a new home and was finally, along with our 4-year old, trying to settle into our new life.
The twins were born 6 weeks early and were less than 5 pounds each when we brought them home. My husband and I were both terrified and insecure in caring for such tiny, frail lives. With Nana's practical and professional experience, she brought calm and tenderness into our home. She not only took care of the twins but in doing so she cared for the rest of the family.
Nana quickly put my twins on a feeding schedule in order for them to gain much needed weight. She showed me how to care for the twins together- not as east feat when both are agitated over something.
Nana showed me how to bathe the tiny babies and gave me advice on baby equipment that is geared towards twins. Most importantly, Nana gave me the confidence to tend the twins on my own. She made me believe that i really could handle newborn twins, an active 4-year old, and all the challenges that go with them.

My name is Diette Nazario. I have a five year old son Gabriel Nazario. I would like to take a moment to thank you for the great series you have given me over the years. Please take notice that I indicated years. I have been using your organization since my son was 3 years old and he is now five years old. I am a single parent and have a reliable, honest, loving individuals around my son Gabriel not only eases my mind but gives me peace of mind. Everyone from your organization has always been wonderful to my son and I. I also make sure if someone is looking for childcare I mention your organizations the number one reliable daycare service parents can contain and be satisfied with.
From the bottom of my heart,thank you for your great staff, your professionalism, and being wonderful to my son and I.

I met Nana in the hospital after I had delivered my baby. She took good care of me when I was healing from my C-section and told me she had a Newborn Care Specialist service. I didn't think to call her right away but when my baby Leela was 6 weeks old, she was crying incessantly and I needed help. Though Nana I found Theresa, who now comes to help me with the baby on a part time basis. Theresa is calm and loving with Leela and it has made a huge difference to have her. I trust her with the baby and have learned from how grounded and relaxed she is. Nana genuinely cares about her clients and loves babies. I heartily recommend her agency's services.

We interviewed so many Newborn Care Specialist agencies and experienced Newborn Care Specialist before we made the important decision to work with Tender Loving Nannies Inc. and we truly know we made the right decision. Working with you and your agency took the stress out of bringing home our newborn twins, especially since they arrived 2 months early! We can't thank you enough.
We would have been lost without your calming reassurance that we would get situated with our newborns and some much needed sleep. And you were right. From the minute our Newborn Care Specialist arrived, moments after we got home, she helped us with everything for the babies, feeding, and schedules, laundering little things, baths, baby care, and support. She also taught us a trick or two along the way.
During this special time in our lives, we can't imagine what we would have done without our Newborn Care Specialist, Olivia, and your support. Thank You.